Each year, gem and jewellery gatherings are held all throughout the world. Trade displays and fairs can range from compact local events to high-class Global premier occasions. For those during the gem and jewellery trade, attending gatherings will likely be a Element of accomplishing business enterprise, but it's not all operate and no Engage in. J… Read More

Whether you are a diamond lover or an aspiring gemologist, You could have asked yourself, “What's a diamond Reduce?”. Not to be confused with The form of the diamond, like a round Lower or pear Lower diamond (the shape from the stone), a diamond cut is an Formal quality which information how effectively a diamond is Reduce.The better a diamond … Read More

The mass media is usually the supply of jewellery tendencies as well as Tv set series, Star Trek may have sparked a particular earring pattern. The Bajorans of "Star Trek: Deep Space 9" may be distinguished by a row of wrinkles across the bridge of their nose. While gracing our screens, these humanoids are actually viewed sporting elegant earrings.… Read More

The abalone is actually a form of marine gastropod (sea snail) from the genus Haliotis (in the Greek for "sea ear") with an ear-formed shell that features a row of holes within the outermost edge. Due to their Latin identify and form, They may be also called "ear shells". Like other marine gastropods, the abalone provides pearls. Normal abalone pea… Read More

Steeped in background and in many hues, jade jewellery presents off a contemporary vibe when paired with present-day design.Jade is used in Chinese sculptures and jewellery since the Neolithic period, plus the mineral has very long been valued for its hardness, longevity and sweetness. Whilst from the West, we have been most aware of the intense ec… Read More